Joe Cocker died today. This makes me sad but my father is probably even more sad. A decade or two ago, he went to one of his concert. For years, he couldn’t shut up about it. Until he saw Pink Floyd (again, without me) for their last tour. That’s the one I’m more pissed about but that’s not the topic of this post.

So, he couldn’t shut up about it… Every time he saw or heard a singer, he would compare him to Joe. He would always say how much Joe Cocker was a beast on scene, giving everything. He would even mimic Joe’s air guitar playing. My Dad’s whole music culture starts with Woodstock (it doesn’t end there though) so Joe was a big deal.

I have the same fondness for Joe Cocker. With a little help from my friends, Unchain my heart, You can leave your hat on, The letter, You are so beautiful, they’re all classics.

But my favorite is Delta Lady

RIP Joe.