In the days since the teaser trailer 1 for Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, I’ve read and heard (on podcasts mostly) a lot of stuff. Just to clarify some things:

  • To people asking why there are Stormtroopers in this film if the Empire was defeated, 2 things:
    • The Empire probably didn’t disappeared completely. Some generals with some authority probably went rogue.
    • The Stormtroopers were the army of the senate, the republic originally. So even though it could be confusing for non-fans, the new republic (spawned from the rebel alliance) may have used the same uniforms they were using before the empire.
  • At some point between episode III and IV, clones would have died of old age or retire. 19 years (the age of Leia and Luke in Episode IV) is long for a clone that ages faster than regular people. So John Boyega’s character can be a Stormtrooper, not just a guy disguised as a Stormtrooper.

  • A Stormtrooper can be black. Not because it would be racist to say otherwise, not because we’re in a different era, black president, etc. That would be a very good reason but that’s not the correct one. A Stormtrooper can be black because Stormtroopers, since the Emperor won, are conscripts, not clones. Given the number of worlds is Star Wars’ galaxy, you would assume some populations are black and the Empire recruits on those worlds.

  • Star-Wars-7-The-Force-Awakens-Sith-Lightsaber-Photo The light saber. First, let me just say this: it looks badass! Yeah, a lot of people made fun of it but I like it. Regarding the cross guard, it looks to me like exhausts more than a cross guard. The fact that the blade looks like a flame makes more sense to me than light because photons don’t just disappear… Yeah I’m applying logic to a fictional object, sorry.
  1. If you lived in a cave at the time