While I’m learning Ruby (and a bit of Python) I decided to make things a bit more difficult and I started to learn Vim.

For a while, I thought Vim was just a way for some developers to show off and snob us, the stupid people using “notepad-like” editors. While I still think that really smart “notepad-like” editors like Eclipse, Netbeans and Intellij Idea can be really useful and let developers code and read code faster, I can now understand why Vim is a very valid contender in the race to the best text editor. But damn! The learning curve is steap!

To help me, I found this blog from this canadian dude, Derek Wyatt, and his screencasts teaching how to use Vim. He’s a bit crazy (especially in the first video) but his style and passion actually helps a lot.

So if you ever consider learning how to use Vim or get better at using it, take the time to watch Derek Wyatt’s screencasts.

By the way, this is my first post written using Vim and I swear I didn’t used the arrow keys (almost).